Fashionable colors

Fashionable colors

Fashionable choices in the interior are traditionally announced by dozens of institutes and organizations – agency styles, the dye institute, large interior paint manufacturers. Interestingly, in their forecasts they rarely coincide. For example, some of them appointed ultraviolet, and others – terracotta.

One thing is clear: factories and institutions have their own forecasts, and those who work with clients have theirs. Designers to designate the most fashionable color in interior design 2018.


 Greens was named the dye of 2017 in the version. And in the expanded palette the institute included the Kale dark green shade. The second variant of the year was blue – in the same palette there were two shadows of blue.

The most fashionable colors of 2018 will continue to represent different shadows of green and blue. The ones change more slowly than in the fashion industry. And if it’s yesterday in fashion, it’s not in the interior. It must be in fashion. It makes the interior more noble, respectable and richer.

No one doubt that it should remain in a trend. But on the trend shadows of this one, forecasts differ. So, the dim green – the muted one of foliage will be relevant in 2018. All natural combinations are popular, soft and pleasing to the eye. The dye of natural wood and all its shades are gray, sandy, and white.

Also, it believes that rich bright colors may be in fashion including emerald green shadows. Dark green will not lose its popularity, but it should be complemented by more lively “vegetable” tones. They should add orange, lemon shades.

Some designers rely on discreet natural shadows of green: khaki, sepia, celadon, olive, and pistachio. They believe that it should be combined with bronze to create noble interiors.


 Blue, according to most designers, is another fashionable wall color in the 2018. They rely on its rich shades: from “sea” tones to the dye of ripe blueberries. Today, thick, deaf choices that promote relaxation are relevant. It affects information overload, from which you want to relax.

Fashion combinations

The most fashionable combinations in the interior: gray + pink, green + bronze, wood dye with achromatic ones and, of course, green + blue.

Since the second half of the year, interest in plant flowers and ornaments has been growing – this is noticeable. Greens of grass and trees are perfectly combined with the dye of the sky in any of its states: from pale blue at sunrise to tinted pink at sunset, or saturated dark blue during a storm. In general, there is any natural combination of green and blue. A possible addition is a little bit of shiny gold.

Maroon and terracotta

There will be saturated dense colors in the trend: not only blue and green, but also burgundy, terracotta, red. They come into the interior of the fashion world.

The rust-red or temperamental terracotta are the most fashionable dyes in the 2018. These are warm shadows that create an atmosphere of seclusion.

Pink and Peach

 Fashionable choices in the interior of 2018 are, above all, various shades of pink. It is no coincidence that furniture designers paid attention to it. Pink pleases and encourages action. This color can create harmony in any space; work in tandem with absolutely any materials.

Pink must remain, but if earlier it was powder-pink and there is already a lot of it, now more fresh shadows appear in the pink range. It is expecting next year the appearance of nude, powdery shades: Now they are at the peak of popularity in clothing design.

Yellow and black

Designers share the opinion of colleagues about the popularity of green and pink palettes, but also draws attention to the yellow dye. Yellow going into mustard and golden lime will look especially stylish.


According to designers, this dye is gaining popularity on a wave of interest in the 1950s and 1960s. This one looks very attractive and modern.

White and complex gray

 Gray, gray-beige and white colors won’t go out of fashion – this is always a good basis. Without them, most of the interiors will simply fall apart.

White and light pastel choices will also remain in demand. Designer publications are still filled with examples of Scandinavian interiors and light Provence. In addition, this choice scheme is often caused by a small meter of apartments.


I think in 2018 the brown gamut will be relevant again, shades from American walnut to curry. They will become more “autumn”, brown furniture will be used more often. Cold light shades recede into the background


Designers draw attention to the growing popularity of red – especially its bright and saturated colors. Jungle, heavenly creatures are popular. The palette is becoming multi-color, more exotic. The interiors increasingly appear bright furniture from orange-brown to red dyes. These shades enliven the setting. The red dye will linger also due to the unfading popularity of chinoiserie and oriental themes.


According to designers, the combination of different metallic dyes will remain relevant. The most sought-after metal in the interior is brass.

And what about the pastels

Architects argue about them. Someone considers neutral pastel shades to be eternal and out of fashion, someone says that they are no longer relevant.

Interiors without extreme and no frills are still popular. People become more practical, more economical, and design is done for years. Therefore, the base, the “skeleton” should be calibrated, and the colors should be closer to the calm, classic.

A clear trend is a departure from the low-key pastel range. The Scandinavian palette is leaving. Deep saturated juicy dyes came: bright blue, rusty red, rich green.

Many designers are confident that in 2018 there will be fewer cold bright interiors. Leave acid, neon shades. The fashion for dyes, in my opinion, is a completely contrived concept. Any dye decision should be made taking into account the nature of the owners. Someone feels comfortable in neutral shades. Someone is invigorating themselves with a color fountain. Someone buzz in the bedroom with dark purple wallpaper, and someone is terrified of such a prospect, even if the dark shades are terribly fashionable.

Often, with the help of bright accents, a person tries to overcome fatigue from “soulless” reality. But time passes, and this color begins to irritate.

Often, with the help of bright accents, a person tries to overcome fatigue from “soulless” reality. But time passes, and this begins to irritate. Therefore, use sophisticated noble shades of neutral and enter bright ones in accessories and upholstery in items that can be easily replaced over time.

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