How to resist rent increase by landlord?

How to resist rent increase by landlord?

Every day we are confronted with prices for our usual services and products. The real estate is no exception.


And at one fine moment, if you live in some house, its owner may come with a demand for an increase in payment. How to act in such a situation, whether you do something or have to accept or move.

It often happens that you did not have time to rent an apartment, as its owner after 3-4 months informs about new payment unilaterally. Sometimes it is a real shock, because no one wants to get involved with finding housing and moving again.

It is necessary to rent a property under the contract, otherwise you don’t defend yourself. But if the basis of your relationship with the landlord is a contract, then you should know that, unless the contract provides otherwise, the sum can be raised no more than once a year.

Therefore, if he/she raises the price, you may well threaten him/her with a court of law. In private real estate this is of course not very common, but this can work for some property owners.

How to build relationships with the owner of the property

Market relations are also filled with many wisdoms, we do not offer you to become best friends with the owners of the apartment, but a lot will depend on your communication with them:

  1. Do not give the owner problems – they are most often going to meet tenants who are pleased to deal with. Keep your apartment clean, give money in time and in general be a decent tenant whom experienced owners are often afraid of losing.
  2. Be aware – the landlord often wants to raise the cost of personal motives, for example, to give the child one more section. To counter such proposals, it is necessary to examine the situation on the market and provide examples of similar offers with the same payment. Sometimes it is possible to find options even at a lower cost and on their basis to offer him/her to give you a discount.
  3. Do not agree – even if the landlord is unconditional, and the new payment is unavoidable, start bargaining. If you are not going to move out of this apartment, then you may be able to agree on a lower rate increase than he/she had previously planned.

Remember, even if you are very unhappy with the news of the rate hike, keep yourself calm and communicate in an even, calm tone. First, the scandals are not needed by anyone, and secondly, perhaps, relying on the norms of morality, you will manage to agree humanly.

Before accepting new conditions, see the housing announcements, you are be able to find a better option or move to more comfortable conditions. Studying ads, immediately find out how much real estate services will cost, and include them in the cost of moving.

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