Interior in green

Interior in green

Now minimalism in interior design is in demand. In many magazines dedicated to home decoration, white walls, light furniture dominate; there is a lot of space and air.

Such interiors look very stylish. In addition, they are hygienic; they are easy to keep clean. But sometimes minimalist apartments, decorated in white, look a bit cold, hospital.

Are there any alternative solutions? Of course. In the article we will talk about the positive effects of green. The indoor environments, decorated in this color scheme, give rise to a feeling of connection with nature. They calm, pacify, and inspire optimism and the belief that everything will be fine.

Beautiful effect

We belong to the world of nature. Therefore, the natural shades that are used in interior design have a beneficial effect on us. First of all, they include light green, green-turquoise and greenish-yellow tones. They relieve the brain from the hustle and bustle, soothe, relax, and set to rest. And most importantly, they give rise to a sense of security.

These ones have a positive effect on the nervous system, so they are great for home indoor environment. One of the most important qualities is that it improves relationships between people. It suppresses excessive irritability, eliminates stress, and relieves depression.

In the interior it can be used both as a primary bloom and for auxiliary decorative accents. However, we must ensure that its number in the indoor environment does not become excessive. Otherwise, it may have such a calming effect that it will even cause drowsiness.

Walls, wallpaper

Thinking about the color of the walls, pay attention to the wallpaper in green tones. They can be smooth, monophonic, or patterned. It is only better if the drawing is gentle, hardly noticeable, so that visual fuss does not occur.

Instead of wallpaper, you may apply the popular method of wall decoration – painting. To do this, you need to align the walls well, and then paint them.

Another option: you can trim the walls with panels in verd blooms. They are comfortable because they are easy to keep clean.

Light green nuances look the most optimistic and cheerful. Soft verd walls are great for a child’s room. They may be supplemented with a rug of the same color. Verd boxes and toy boxes will serve as an added accent.


These blooms in the design of the kitchen have long been popular. You can arrange in this color only kitchen furniture, and everything else can be bright, neutral.

Curtains, curtains

Verd bloom is often used for curtains, tablecloths, blankets, pillows, etc. home textiles. Curtains of the shade uplifting, they look like a window into the world of nature.

In addition to the shade of tender young grass, you may apply other color nuances, for example, such as the blue-green shade of sea water on the curtains. The bloom, reminiscent of the sea surface, creates a feeling of peace and serenity.

Blankets, pillows

Blankets and pillows are an excellent opportunity to bring a verd color scheme into the interior, moreover, to do it without large investments.

If you keep the bloom of blankets and pillows with houseplants with lush greenery, it will look especially beautiful. For example, it may be ivy, palm trees, fern.

Another option: you may make one verd wall and support it with green accessories: vases, dishes, etc.

A pleasant accent can be bed linen in shades of green.

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