The main methods of cheating when buying and selling apartments

The main methods of cheating when buying and selling apartments

It will be possible to save from 10 to 30% of the amount if the apartment is purchased from a private seller without intermediaries. To do this, you can give your own classified ad. But you should be extremely careful: as law enforcement practice shows, up to a quarter of sellers are not clean.

Every tenth transaction concluded with the mediation of a private broker is failing. Independent transactions, including with acquaintances and relatives, are not successfully conducted — here, every eleventh transaction does not correspond to the plans of the parties. Real estate agencies work much better, of the 300 transactions, only one ends unsuccessfully.

Most of the frauds with apartments are committed with false documents. Blank contract and certificate forms are not difficult to obtain. It is difficult to fake only a reference (explication) of the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI), since it is issued on a special number form.

The arsenal of fraudsters includes the use of false notaries; delivery of “dolls” to the seller; counterfeit notarized contracts; bringing one of the parties to a deranged state, and many others – this area of ​​activity of fraudsters is improving as quickly as others.

Often, fraudsters do not forge documents, and get their duplicates. Having collected several complete sets of documents for an apartment, they conclude several completely legal sales contracts. The seller himself registers one of them and receives the entire amount due. From the rest of the buyers, he/she receives part of the money immediately after notarization, giving them the opportunity to register the contract themselves.

It happens that the buyer shows one apartment, and documents are drawn up to another. In this case, fraudsters can outweigh the apartment numbers, often on the whole floor or in the whole house. There were cases when they even changed the signs with the numbers of houses and street names.

It is also very common that apartments are sold not by owners, but by their tenants. Using fake documents, they receive a holding deposit, or even the full amount, and hide. Often the apartment is sold by proxy after the owner himself died. The transaction after this, of course, is invalid.

Almost all sales of apartments are returnable, and claims can be presented for 3 years. If there is the slightest violation in the execution of documents or the rights of citizens are violated, any competent lawyer will be able to prove the illegality of the transaction.

To recognize the transaction as invalid, the owner of the property is required to undergo an examination or go to the hospital so that he is declared incompetent in part or in full. According to the law, if the seller personally signed, then within six months he has the right to terminate the transaction, proving that at that moment he was insane.

Any tenant who is legally registered, especially if he/she is incapacitated and has no place to move, in the event of the sale of an apartment has the right to remain in it and live, no matter who owns it.

Therefore, you can’t sign anything without checking all the documents of the other party, and not just their availability, but full compliance with legal norms, even if the text of the document seems harmless.

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