It’s not at all necessary to do super-modern repairs, it is important to find for yourself a style of your soul in which you will be comfortable.

Typical apartments in houses are often just a place to sleep and cooking. And nothing else to the house, we do not belong. We dump old things and dismantle them only when we move or take them to the country. But the very word “house” cannot be just a bed or a stove. Home is a place where we can relax and think about ourselves and our lives. And whatever our home is, you always want to return there as parents, where we can be children and not think about everyday things.

When I started talking about changing the interior, I didn’t even think how and what could happen. A lot of programs about repairs and enumerated interiors has been viewed on the Internet. Of course, something like it, something puzzled. If there was a desire, I would have scored every corner of my apartment with ethnic motives, even if it would have looked ridiculous and insane.

Now, when everything is done, I understand that it is important to find my designer and explain to him/her what goal I am pursuing when doing home repairs. Often in the elite salons the agent asks the question: “Do you need a status sink or a comfortable one?”. Everyone decides for himself/herself. But it’s not about the price. Alternative finishing methods can be found. The main thing is focus. So, interior design is always a landmark. When in the process of repairing you see finishing works, it seems that everything looks separate from each other. But gradually adding different elements of decor: curtains, sconces, lamps, carpets – the picture forms a single image in which you want to return.

Despite the fact that my apartment is not very big, after three rooms the fantasy on the wallpaper and lamps ended completely. I was ready to make the last room exactly like the previous one. And I have a design education, but nothing came into my head. That’s it for this you need an interior designer and of course the project. The look of a professional person is always different. He/she sees the interior differently. Generally. And the details can always be changed: lay a colored carpet, sew covers on pillows for the holidays, change towels in the kitchen.

The designer to whom you refer, it is necessary to explain what you want from the interior, what functionality and color combinations. Then it becomes easier for everyone to work. And we must not forget that the more positively you have a relationship with a designer, the warmer and more convenient the interior itself will turn out.

Scandals, grievances and tantrums will directly affect your interior, but not out of revenge, but because you will remember them yourself later, when the renovation is finally completed.

Ask questions and do not expect a miracle. Now there is a big choice of searching for ideas, you don’t have to go to the library to open the coveted issue of the magazine. The design goal is the harmony of your inner self.

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