Unbearable conditions of neighborhood

Unbearable conditions of neighborhood

With the development of possible housing purchase schemes (through the privatization of municipal place of living, with the help of credit funds, maternity capital funds, etc.), fraud schemes when buying an apartment are changing, as well as the number of fraud schemes and the total share of real estate transactions associated with actions.

With the growth of housing construction, the number of fraud schemes targeted specifically at the primary housing market has increased. However, the topic of this article is the study of new popular types of fraud used in the secondary housing market.

Secondary place of living consists of real estate objects that already had owners, and not one, unlike the place of living, where real estate objects are newly built residences, townhouses, houses and other objects, sometimes even not yet fully commissioned. Secondary housing, of course, are attractive from many sides:

  • this is ready and lived-in housing. There is no risk that a year after putting the house in place, the foundation will shrink and crack throughout the house;
  • there is no risk of finding several claimants, as it still happens when trying to register a constructed apartment in a newly rented house;
  • there is already (not always) more or less decent repair in a residential area;
  • the price is often much lower than the one of a similar object in a new building;
  • registration of a transaction (as in the case of waiting for construction and commissioning of place of living in a new building) and for actual settlement are required to wait for a long time.

However, the purchase of place of living on the secondary market has a number of important drawbacks. As a rule, the complexity is a check of the legal purity of all transactions with this property for the entire period of its existence or at least 10 years before the forthcoming transaction.

Fraud in buying an apartment, accommodation and related to its cost

New types of real estate fraud on the secondary housing market, as a rule, are based on the history of the object being sold (hereinafter, we will speak about a deal with an apartment in a high-rise building).

Creation of unbearable conditions of neighborhood

This is the newest type of fraud on the secondary housing market. The method is quite simple: fraudsters are looking for an apartment with two owners (former spouses, brothers and sisters), between whom there is no particular mode. One of the shares is officially bought. Another owner is offered to sell his/her share for half of its actual market value. Naturally, he/she refuses. After that, the new owner of the share moves into the residence legally and begins to actively create intolerable conditions for the rest of the tenants. Any available methods are used: loud music all day (without violating the time norms of “silence”), regular and large numbers of guests coming at any time of the day or night (“Why? I am the owner, I have the right to receive guests whenever I want! “). The next step – the apartment is rented to lodgers as cheaply as possible and as a large family as possible. Also, it is optimal to dissolve insanitary conditions, disorder, that is, to create the most uncomfortable conditions for people to live. The only goal is to make the owner of the second share sell it immediately. The “ugly” new co-owner finally buys the second share on his/her terms. As a rule, this is not even half the price, and even less. The bottom line: at a relatively low price, a fraudster becomes a full-fledged owner of the entire apartment and can already sell it at the market price.

A variation of the considered option is to force the co-owner to buy a share from the fraudster at the possible highest price. The method is the same. In this case, the emphasis is on the desire of a bona fide tenant to live in peace. However, this is not always possible, since, if the tenant had enough money, he would have bought a share from the former co-owner (former spouse, etc.) long ago.

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