No matter how comfortable, functional and carefully thought out your interior, the ugly, inappropriate style curtains can instantly destroy the entire image. After all, textile design is such a thing that you need to approach very carefully and try not to miss the main thing, then the comfort in the house is guaranteed.

 A good designer will surely successfully solve the issue of beautiful window decoration, however, if you are doing repairs on your own, you should consider many factors: color, material, compatibility with the entire interior as a whole and, of course, the curtain design itself.

How can be the window make out beautifully?

 Trends in interior design change slowly, but for sure: the repair from the image goes out of fashion. And this applies to absolutely all elements of the design of the apartment.

There are also various design techniques that were once popular, and now it’s better to forget about them. It is outdated and no longer fashionable, and sometimes even very impractical and inconvenient.

Sophisticated multi-level curtains

 Models of curtains with lambrequins, pickups and tassels are a thing of the past, and if your room is not like a palace hall, you should not use this technique. In addition, multi-layer ones visually reduce the space.

In a modern interior it is better to give preference to concise forms, interesting textures and prints.

Classic options in small rooms

 Let’s forever leave lambrequins for palace halls and provincial houses of culture. Any interior where the area of ​​the room is less than the basketball court, and the ceilings below 4 meters, classic curtains only disfigure the whole picture.

Multi-layer ones with rich decor visually reduce the space. Small rooms should not be cluttered with classic ones at all.

Emphasis on cornice

 You should not pay too much attention to the choice of an elaborate cornice, because this is not a home decor.

You should prefer simple and thin eaves, and your interior will always look out of time. A flashy, massive and eye-catching cornice can be chosen only if everything else in your room is decorated in the appropriate style.

Well, if you have not very large windows and low ceilings, the best location of the eaves is just under the ceiling. This will visually enlarge the windows, and with them the room. In addition, to visually increase the height of the room it is better to use curtains without assemblies.

Curtains, not overlapping with other decor

 The focus on the color of curtains has long been out of fashion. Moreover, this method destroys the integrity of the perception of the room.

Much better if the curtains will be in harmony with other textiles – bedspread, pillows, blanket. It always looks very stylish and harmonious!

Required tulle

 The original purpose of tulle is not to give the window a “dressed” look, but protect the occupants of the room from indiscreet looks from the street in the daytime.

If your apartment is not on the ground floor, you can do without tulle. And even “for beauty”, because it steals the sunlight very strongly, so if you can do it, it’s better to do without it, the interior will only benefit from it.

Synthetic fabrics

 For curtains, artificial, natural and blended fabrics are used. The most practical and versatile option: a mixture of polyester with cotton or silk. Such curtains are easy to wash and iron, they do not lose their original shape and color.

However, do not forget about natural materials. Silk and dense flax of natural color range are back in fashion.


 And if you hate boring curtains on the windows, and you want to keep the privacy, you can familiarize yourself with a cheap, easy and in a fast way to decorate the window, which you can do with your own hands. Proper window decoration in the interior plays a very important role. After all, with the help of beautiful curtains, you can change your house beyond recognition.

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